Local Fax Number For Local Customers

Australian Online Fax Numbers

Just because your business is run from an office half way around the world, or through your cell phone, or from a laptop in your garage, doesn't mean it has to be difficult for your customers to contact you. A local Australian fax number can empower your customers to contact you anytime they need. This helps to maintain the local charm of your business while allowing you to explore cloud services and telework options.

Local Fax Number For Local Customers

When local customers want to reach you, are they confronted with a long and costly international fax number or a friendly local fax line? This can make a huge difference in the way your customers think of your business. Also, the phone bill can have a large impact on how willingly your customers will do business with your company. Having a local fax number tells your customers that you're here and ready to get to work in their neighborhood.

Receive Faxes in The Cloud With An Australian Fax Number

Best of all, with eFax receiving and sending your faxes from the cloud, it will allow customers to connect with your company via the internet. Any computer with internet access and an email address can be used to send or receive faxes for your company. This includes Windows, Mac, and Linux computers. In addition, any smartphone running Android or iOS can be turned into a pocket fax machine. On the way into a meeting with an important client, you could access a fax you received on your phone and forward it to a co-worker for follow up. This truly allows you to operate your business from across the world, or just across town.

Keep The Local Charm With a Local Fax Number

Many businesses find it difficult to keep the local charm as they expand or transition to work-from-home opportunities. Using eFax services, you can have a local fax number in any region of Australia. All these numbers can deliver faxes to the same inbox or multiple inboxes. Best of all, since all your received faxes are stored in the cloud, anyone in your company can access faxes they need when and where they need it. This means you can access an urgent fax on your laptop during a meeting with a client, or you could immediately reply to an inquiry sent by a prospective customer.

With eFax, you can share access to your account with up to five email addresses. Companies with more than five employees needing access to these faxes should setup a shared email address for all employees to access eFax. To experience online fax services for yourself, sign up for a free 30-day trial of eFax®. Your free trial includes your own personal fax number and access to all the features of eFax®.

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