As sharing information online grows exponentially, businesses are recognizing the benefits of document sharing among employees, departments and divisions. The sharing of business files offers many advantages to businesses that result in a more productive, efficient and cost-effective workplace.

Project Development and Management

Businesses have objectives to complete such as getting more clients, increasing sales, buying a subsidiary or any other number of goals. To successfully achieve these goals, projects are planned for the purpose of initiating and completing these goals. In many cases, a project manager is assigned to work on a particular business objective. The project often involves a team of employees that may come from one or more departments or divisions. To keep everyone on the team informed about the progress of the project or to collaborate on a file, document sharing is an easy way to distribute the necessary information to employees, executives, and even clients if necessary. The sharing of relevant information is crucial to business success.

Document Sharing and Storage of All Media

One important benefit of document sharing is that you can share a wide variety of documents. While many people immediately think of Microsoft Word documents, document sharing also includes spreadsheets, flow charts, PDF files, PowerPoint presentations, video files, pictures and graphics, and audio files. All of these types of documents may be necessary for the completion of a project or business deal.

It is also important for businesses to be able to share and store large files. Emails may limit the size of a document you want to send, but with document sharing services, file size is never a problem. You can send an unlimited amount of data. Another necessary aspect of document sharing is document storage of all media types whether text, audio or graphics. You need a large amount of space to store and access all of the shared information. By using a robust document sharing service, you can safely and securely store all your shared business documents.

Time Management and Cost Savings

By sharing documents online, you save time during hectic business days. With document sharing you no longer have to hire messengers to deliver packages locally or use FedEx to deliver documents across the country or around the world. You can get the important documents into the hands of your recipients a lot faster. Also with online document sharing, there are no postage costs so you also save money.

Ease of Sharing Information

Technology has made it possible to easily share large files online. Email is no longer as popular as it once was because of problems with spam filters or the size of files. In many situations, the recipients never get the data. This is no longer the case with files sharing services that are incorporated as part of eFax® (you can not only fax, but send large files up to 1 GB). Document sharing is now far more reliable. You know that your files will get to their intended target. You can also track the delivery of the documents. Sharing documents is very easy to learn.

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Document Sharing


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