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They say that all you need to open a business is a good idea. That's a start, but you also need resources and customers. Customers come with time, exposure, and referrals, but resources are the real bottleneck. It may come as a surprise, but there is one resource that is far harder to conserve than money in running a business. The answer is time. It slips away at a constant rate, and no one is making any more of it. Dedicated professionals are spending more time than ever on work and much of it is outside the office. In transit, at home, on vacation, and in place of lunch, professionals are opting to use every scrap of time they can get to make their company's successful.

Technology has done wonders in saving us time and making the tools of the office available to us 24 hours a day. Bring your own device (BYOD) is one of the most popular trends in the world right now because workers are familiar with how their own devices work and don't want to waste time moving documents from desktop to laptop to tablet to smartphone.

The one stumbling block that remains for many is the fax machine. The traditional fax machine is only in one location and tied to a land line. Faxing has to be delayed or handed off to someone else to accomplish if a worker is out of the office or busy on another project. Salespeople often have to gather prospect information and then come back to the office or email administrative staff to have contracts, marketing information and instruction manuals sent to a client or contractor. In short, faxing takes time and time is in very short supply.

A business cannot afford to waste time on inefficiencies. The competition certainly won't. To stay on top of the game and establish your company in a tight market, you need to fax faster, to more destinations, and from anywhere. The fact is that you can do it right now.

The End of the 8-minute Fax

Free fax by email services have a huge time advantage over fax machines in sending faxes. In business, a time advantage translates into more opportunity. Statistics report that the average fax on a traditional machine takes about 8 minutes. That means 8 faxes can take over an hour. The math makes it clear that the costs in man-hours alone cannot be supported as an unavoidable business expense. It's not just the faxing itself, but the task interruption time, the preparation, the potential miss-dials and busy signals, and the wait while one fax at a time is sent or received. Any busy professional knows that there is a good chance you will be detained by other employees on the way to or from the fax machine as well.

Sending an online fax is as simple as a sending an email with an attachment. The longest wait time is the attachment upload, and then it can be sent to multiple fax machines simultaneously. Many faxes can be received at the same time as well, without the concern of someone else picking them up from the fax machine or losing them. Email filters can file incoming faxes by client, by importance or document type as well as alerting you when the important ones arrive.

Don't let time trickle away while you are standing at the fax machine. Get online, send and receive the faxes that matter, and there will be more time to get back to business.

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Free Fax Online


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