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Mobile Phone Fax App Provides Increased Mobility for Your Business

Today's mobile devices have blurred the lines between what is and what is not a phone. This begs us to ask, what exactly is a mobile phone fax anyway? It's obvious that an iPhone® is a phone, but it's also a pocket sized computer. Similarly, an iPad® is too big for your pocket, but you can make a call on it using Skype® and other VoIP services. Additionally, you could use these same VoIP services to make calls using your iPod® Touch. Therefore, all these devices can also be used as a mobile phone fax if they have the right software. Thankfully, eFax® has developed an app that can work on all these devices, allowing them to send and receive faxes anywhere internet access is available.

iPhone® Mobile Phone Fax

Many people carry their iPhone® on them at all times. For work or play, this phone travels with its owner everywhere. There are even waterproof cases designed for people that want to take their phone swimming with them. For them, the eFax® app makes their smartphone even smarter by allowing them to fax pool-side. Simply setup and account with eFax® and download the iPhone® app from iTunes®. Once complete, you're ready to start sending and receiving faxes anywhere.

iPad® Mobile Fax

What the iPhone® does with a small screen in your pocket, the iPad® does with a much larger screen in a purse, folder, or briefcase. This portable device is extremely popular for watching movies, listening to music, browsing the web, and reading books anywhere you find yourself with a few moments to spare. Now, with the eFax® app, the iPad® can also be used to send and receive faxes anywhere you can find internet access. This includes you favorite coffee shops, at home, at work, or at any Wi-Fi hot-spot around town. It's a great way to catch up on your faxing with a larger display than your iPhone® can provide.

iPod Touch® Mobile Fax

Another great device that can be used as a mobile phone fax is the iPod Touch®. The eFax® app works on this device as well, and you can use it to make calls if you want to download some other apps for VoIP. Setup your eFax® account, download the eFax® mobile app from iTunes and your iPod Touch® instantly becomes a portable fax machine.

Check out our YouTube video introducing the eFax® App on iTunes®, then sign up for a free 30-day trial. There's no obligation and you can cancel at any time. The best way for you to see how eFax® works is to try it for yourself with this 30-day free trial offer.


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