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There's an old saying in the world of business that there are two ways to make money: 1. by making it; 2. by not spending it. Reducing operating costs usually makes a bigger impact to net profit than adding new customers or even new revenue streams because it makes every transaction more profitable. Lower costs and improved efficiencies also reduce the amount of administrative work, doubling their budgetary impact.

The first place to look for cost reductions is in communications. Business is essentially communications and exchange. Lowered costs in these areas touch on every aspect of business.

Email to Fax Affords Better Communication

Email has become the dominant communication tool of business, even beating face to face meetings within the office, for several reasons. It is immediate, it is clear, it keeps a record of the conversation and you can send as many as you need to as long as you have an Internet connection. Now you combine all the benefits of email with your fax service.

Traditional faxes over a dedicated landline take up too much time, on average about 8 minutes for complex contracts or marketing materials. Over a budgetary calendar year this adds up to a great deal of wasted man-hours. It's not just the cost of the salary that's destroys profitability but also the lost productivity while workers are standing at the fax machine when they could be faxing right from their desks via email. Using an online fax service allows employees to work on their dedicated tasks and meet their goals while still being able to send and receive many faxes at the same time.

Faxes remain one of the best ways to connect with some business partners and customers and now you can reach them all without leaving your computer, as easily as sending out an email blast.

Online Fax Leverages Email Technology

With eFax® you can apply all the technological benefits of email to reducing the cost of communicating by fax.

No more time spent at the fax machine. Send faxes right from your desk as you continue to work on other projects.

Send from up to 5 email addresses for multiple efficiencies. You can set up a team of workers in the office to be in charge of sending and receiving faxes or keep it to yourself and use different contacts for customers and suppliers.

Traditional faxes can be hard to read and more difficult to share. Making copies further reduces the image clarity. With an online fax, though, you can easily forward faxes to co-workers or potential clients by email and they will get the same digital quality image that you have.

When you have a digital copy of a fax, you don't have to worry about losing it or filing it. We offer you lifetime online storage for your faxes through us. You can be assured that you will always have a copy of the fax that can be printed out when necessary.

Save money on buying toner cartridges and maintenance for the fax machine. Don't waste ink on faxes you don't want, like irrelevant offers and unreadable forms.

Receiving faxes online saves money for supplies in an eco-friendly way. Reducing wasted paper and disposable toner cartridges saves you money while it helps keep excess waste from the environment. Green business practices that lower your operating costs add up to a win-win for everyone.

What types of documents can I send?

One of the most common questions online fax services face is whether documents from certain software can be handled. That's why eFax® has made sure businesses and organizations of any size can send out nearly any document type.

eFax® supports a large variety of file types, but listed below are the most popular extensions businesses ask for:

  • Adobe Portable Document Format (PDF) All Versions
  • Adobe Postscript All Versions PS
  • Adobe Photoshop v. 3.0 and above PSD
  • CAD Drawing Exchange Format (DXF)
  • Comma Separated Values Format All Versions CSV
  • Compuserve Graphics Interchange Format GIF87a, GIF89a GIF
  • Corel Word Perfect v. 5.x. 6, 7, 8, 9 WPD, WP5, WP6
  • eFax Messenger Document Format eFax Messenger EFX
  • eFax Messenger Document Format j2 Messenger JFX
  • Hypertext Markup Language HTML, HTM
  • JPEG Joint Photography Experts Group All Versions JPG, JPEG
  • Lotus 1-2-3 v. 2, 3, 4, 5, 96, 97, 9.x 123, WK1, WK3, WK4
  • Microsoft Excel v. 5, 95, 97, 2000, 2003, 2007 XLS, XLSX
  • Microsoft PowerPoint v. 4 and above PPT, PPTX
  • Microsoft Word Win: v. 97, 2000, 2003, 2007
  • Mac: v. 4, 5.x, 95, 98 DOC, DOCX
  • Microsoft Works Word Processor v. 4.x, 5, 6, 7, 8.x, 9 WPS
  • OpenDocument Text All Versions ODT
  • Quattro Pro v. 6 and above QPW, WB1, WB2, WB3
  • Rich Text Format All Versions RTF
  • Tagged Image File Format (TIFF) All Versions TIF, TIFF
  • Visio Drawing v. 3 and above VSD
  • Windows Bitmap All Versions BMP

This is only a sample of available formats and eFax developers are constantly adding more as business technology advances.

Enhanced Online Email Features

Mobility is the future. Mobile devices are becoming more powerful and between Wi-Fi and cellular data plans, they can be constantly connected. Business can happen anywhere, and there is no need to be tied down to a landline in a central location for your fax jobs.

Smartphones, Tablets, and Ultrabooks can now send a fax on the road with a mobile fax app from eFax. Your mobile device can be your complete workstation, with the ability to receive faxes into your email and automatically file them in folders according to importance or client. You can even set up alerts to let you know when an important fax arrives.

Recent advances in online fax software have made it possible to share large files up to 1 GB, which is ideal for image rich documents. This opens up the possibility of sending marketing communications by fax with clear, motivational images.

Another advance is mobile-readiness. People take their mobile devices everywhere and now a fax can go with them. BYOD (bring your own device) has a double meaning now. Not only does it mean doing work in the office on your own mobile device, but it also means bring your office with you on the road. A conference or a sales call doesn't have to interrupt your workflow. Be ready to fax an email from anywhere and with any document you need to close the deal.

Lifetime Online Fax Storage

One of the most frustrating aspects of filing away faxes is when there are lost or misfiled documents. Sales, administration, and customer service need to find the right documents right away, and a lost document can be very costly to the organization as a whole. Even if the documents are filed correctly, just the process of finding and refilling the proper papers can become very time-consuming and derail other important tasks. Another problem businesses face is that many times more than one department needs to work on a document, creating a bottleneck that can be a deal-breaker for a potential client.

Moving your fax services online means you can store all of your mission critical faxes online in a searchable database. Many workers across the enterprise can pull up, print, and fax the document in seconds, right from their desks. You will be able to find the specific fax you need at the moment by client, by operation, by inventory item number, by origin city or even by keyword. Multi-search makes for easy researching later, especially when your business partner is on the phone.

Competitive Advantages for Online Fax

Online fax is your first step toward developing a new competitive advantage based on transactional speed. A competitive advantage can help you to lower costs and increase your activities in the market place to beat your competition. This could serve as a tipping point to a booming business or a scalable expansion. The more your company can improve efficiency while securing reliable sources of revenue and referrals, the lower your operating costs.

Here are three of the many ways that online fax can become an essential component of your competitive advantage:

Speed in transactions can make all the difference in a crowded marketplace. Speed translates into professional reputation and the ability to handle more prospects or take a stronger stand in negotiations with your suppliers. Reducing the time from prospect to revenue stream can fuel your company's expansion to the next level. Online fax speeds the transaction closing time by contacting more business partners in less time. Send the same online fax to many destinations, or personalize them from a template that can be sent from your desk while working on other tasks.

The most valuable business resource is time. It is the ultimate non-renewable resource because there is no way to recover time that has been wasted. Time spent away from your desk, waiting for the fax to finish or watching the machine for an important incoming fax is opportunity lost. Time spent filing paper faxes, thumbing through unwanted faxes, and driving to the office or a nearby copy center for a fax is time that the competition is working on making sales. Conservation of time is the next great frontier for business, and online fax service from eFax is on that frontier.

Where is your fax? Was there a problem with the fax machine or did someone else pick it up by mistake? These security issues are solved by online fax software. Many faxes contain sensitive financial or personal identifying information, exposing you to liability issues as well as lost sales through miscommunications. When you receive a fax to your email, it is securely waiting for you when you need it. We provide lifetime online fax storage so you can always go back and find an earlier fax. You will have receipt confirmations and faxes stored in an easily searchable form.

When fax is the communication channel of choice, online faxing is a better business decision for speed, accessibility, security, and more importantly lower costs overall.

Reserve a fax number for your business online today and send your first email fax with a FREE 30-day trial on eFax®. Our free 30 day trial program gives you the opportunity to try all the features of sending and receiving faxes over the internet first hand. Find out what a free fax by email can mean for new business opportunities, greater mobility, and a more efficient workflow.


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