Online Fax Represents A Leap Forward in Fax Technology

Online Fax Represents A Leap Forward in Fax Technology

Before the fax, documents could only be exchanged in person or by mail. This limited the speed of transactions by the time it took to ship documents. The sales process from fresh lead to booked revenue often took months.

Faxes took the business world by storm and by the 1970's, companies were exchanging documents around the country and even internationally, instantaneously. The concept was good but it took time for the technology to make it practical. At first the documents were nearly unreadable. The only usable documents used large fonts and black and white line images. The paper was a drum of thermal paper where text and graphics were literally burned onto the page. They were loud, slow and messy. Despite that fact, they quickly became a necessary fixture of the contemporary business.

In the 1990s, email began to replace fax for instantaneous exchange of business documents because it was faster, easier and could handle full color images. What fax still did better was print out legal documents that needed signatures and produce hard copies that could be taken anywhere and shared easily around a table.

Today, online fax represents the next evolution of the fax, incorporating the best aspects of email and the web. Here are a few of the benefits of online fax:

  • Send and receive multiple faxes simultaneously
  • No longer have to wait for a fax to finish or worry about misdials
  • Fax using existing email – no additional software or hardware is needed
  • Fax from anywhere there is an Internet signal, even on the road
  • Reduce expenses for paper, ink or toner cartridges and fax machine maintenance
  • Sending faxes online is as easy as sending off an email. Multiple recipients can be included, like an email blast, or each fax can be tailored from a central template.
  • Marketing documents, contacts, reports or statements can be sent right from your desk and be delivered to precisely the right contact.

The most common protocols used to communicate between business web servers to fax machines are T.37 and T.38. These are forms of the most advanced FoIP (fax over IP network) protocols. Some businesses have begun to use the next generation VoIP (voice over IP) protocols, which depend on upgrades to their entire phone systems. For simplicity, versatility, and significant reductions in operational expenditures, online fax is driving the new speed of business.

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