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Real, Private Fax Number

Your own fax number without the strings attached

Get a unique and private fax number that is not tied to any location or move your existing number over to eFax ® for FREE as long as there aren’t any setup costs or fees for the chosen plan. Plus you don’t pay any line rental on your fax number!

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Send and Receive Fax by Email

Sending a Fax is now as easy as sending an email

Receive, edit, sign and send faxes from your computer or smartphone. No hardware, no scanning, no paper… no fax machine. Easily send faxes to fax numbers and receive faxes to your fax number wherever you are!

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Sign documents on the go

Need to sign a contract while you’re on the road?

Sign documents on the fly by dragging and dropping your signature stamp onto any document, or, just swipe your finger across your smartphone or tablet’s screen to sign your name.

eFax® Mobile App

Now you can take your business on the run and close deals on the go

Transform your smartphone or tablet into a full-functioning fax machine. You can receive, edit, sign and send faxes on the go.

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Securely Save & Store Documents Online Forever

Never worry about losing an important fax again

Archive your faxes in the cloud so you can access them anywhere, anytime. Every message and document you ever send or receive through eFax® is stored automatically and archived securely

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Find Your Stored Faxes Easily Anytime

Filing and finding faxes has never been easier!

Organise your faxes so that they’ll always be at your fingertips when you need them. No matter how long ago faxes were sent or received, you can search for faxes right from your smartphone or tablet.

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Already have a fax machine?

Eliminate this expense while saving on fax line rentals, fax supplies and office space. We can even port your existing fax number over to eFax so you don’t have to give up your business fax number!

Transfer Your Number

Keep your existing Fax number

eFax helped us create a paperless company which reduced costs and increased profits. Thanks for creating an easy, affordable and reliable service!

- Wesley Barber, Medical Funding Consultants

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Popular features that will change your life

Regain your freedom, mobility and peace of mind ... all from an online fax service?
That’s right. Send and receive faxes online, anytime, anywhere.

Save money, close deals, and never worry about missing a fax again.

Electronic Signature

Sign, send and save. Simply drag and place your signature stamp onto your document.

Bulk folders
Large File Transfer

Share large files such as promotional videos, high-resolution images, sales presentations, and more without resulting in a blocked or bounced email.

Bulk vmail
eFax Voicemail to Email

Tired of having to listen to rambling voicemails? Read them instead. eFax will send you the audio file of your voicemails.

Bulk cloud
Cloud Storage

Securely archive, store, and retrieve all of your faxes in the cloud. With eFax, you’ll never lose an important fax again. Ever.

Bulk Apple
iOS App

The latest iOS app from eFax ® makes it even easier to send, receive, sign, and print faxes directly from an iPhone ® , iPad ® , iPad Mini ® and iPod Touch ®.

Bulk tag
Tag & Search

Organise your faxes so that they’ll always be at your fingertips when you need them. Filing and finding faxes has never been easier!

Bulk PDF
eFax PDF Converter

Want to open or send a file as a PDF? Use the easy eFax PDF Converter.

Bulk Android
Android App

Send, receive, sign and print faxes directly from your phone or tablet. Simply take a photo of your document with your Android and "Send".

Bulk Word
App For MS Word

Send fax documents easily and conveniently from MS Word.


Anywhere, Anytime, Any Device. Freedom you can get used to.

eFax® Online

Securely send and receive faxes from anywhere

It’s not genius. It just feels that way.

No more busy signals or waiting for faxes. It’s the freedom to work from any location without ever missing an important fax. Fax by email, by logging into your online account, from Microsoft Word or by using a mobile fax app.

eFax® Mobile Apps

Read, Sign and Send Faxes from Your Mobile

Everything you can do with a normal fax machine, only from your mobile

You'll never need a fax machine again! Your mobile phone or tablet is now a handheld Fax machine, send, receive, sign and edit faxes on the go, from anywhere in the world.


Fax by Email

Fax by email and never miss an important fax

Send from the road, sign on the plane, manage from your couch

No more fumbling with the fax supplies. Just you and your email, on whatever device that keeps your day moving.

Lifetime Storage

Lifetime Storage & Online Retrieval

Securely Store Your Faxes Online Forever

Store every fax online for the life of your account and easily access them 24/7. Archive your faxes in the cloud so you can access them anywhere, anytime.

Large File Sharing

Sending Large Files is a thing of the past

Need to send a file that’s too big for email? No problem

Share large files (high-resolution images, large presentations) easily without resulting in blocked or bounced email up to 3GB for FREE!



Bullet Proof Security & Privacy You Love about Fax.
Just on another level

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Faxes straight to your email inbox

Proven, Trusted Method of Secure Online Faxing

All your faxes remain confidential and private in your personal email inbox. No confidential documents left sitting on the fax machine.

Reliable and secure delivery

No skipped pages, lost faxes, or faxes stuck in queue.

eFax® servers have nearly 100% uptime, so you won’t need to worry about busy signals, and you can rely on secure instantaneous delivery of your faxes.

Enhanced security in transit

Protect your faxes in a secure, encrypted environment

Uses a 128-BIT SSL Encryption to protect your faxes during transmission.

Enhanced security upon delivery

Maximum security and privacy when you need it

Delivers your inbound faxes to a secure website, rather than directly to your email inbox.

Enhanced security at rest

Rest assured all your faxes are protected while in storage

Protects your archived faxes for life on our secure servers, with the highest-standard AES Encryption.



Seamless Integration with your favourite apps.
Zero Compromises. 100% Productivity.

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Fax from cloud storage

Fax a File Directly From Your Cloud Storage App

Pull documents straight from your cloud storage service, and send them through the eFax® app.

fax any type of file

Fax just about any type of file

Over 200 file types and counting

eFax® supports virtually all standard file types so you can fax just about any file type without ever worrying about compatibility.

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Fax by email from any email application

Turn any email application into a fax machine with eFax

No matter what your email service is, eFax® seamlessly integrates with your email account.

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Fax from any device

eFax® turns your PC, Mac, Desktop, Laptop, Tablet, Smartphone into a fax machine

eFax® works with all your devices & platforms

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Fax from MS Word

No Need to Print the Document or Find a Fax Machine

eFax® App for Word allows you to send faxes directly from Microsoft Word without leaving Word

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eFax saves me time, money and paper. I love having the freedom to get my faxes from home, the office or on the road

- Amanda Evans, Marketing Consultant

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